A Tribute to My Mother


Please help us to identify more of  those in the photograph. Please help us to identify those in the photograph.

Diwan Peshkar Kandanat Narayana Menon in Kuttipuzha School

Anoop and wife with baby and proud grandparents, Vijaya and Raghu (Anoop's parents),

Anoop and wife with baby and proud grandparents, Vijaya and Raghu (Anoop’s parents of Chitra Bhavan, Kurumassery)

A rare letter in Peshkar's own handwriting to CV Raman Pillai

Temple before renovation

Temple before renovation




My name is Gopakumar ; Seen just above is my photograph; My mother is Kandanat Saradkutty Amma. My father is Yogacharya Govindan Nair ( Ex PTI). Over the years, however, I have changed a lot;   You can see below, as I am today;  This  is why  they  say ” poeple change” ; we do. Don’t we?


I am a software professional, living and working in Chennai. My wife is ‘Veda ‘ . We live in Kilkattalai in Chennai.



Apart from software development, my passion in life is Spirituality, UFOs and life after death. Interesting, eh ??


You can write to me on .