Marikkatha Ormakal (Old Photos)

Kandanat Visalakshy Amma & Vattolil Kumara Kaimal on the day of the marriage of their Son Radhakrishnan & Omana. On the background can be seen Kandanat Kumara Menon and his son Ramakrishnan (Unni)
Kandanat Kochukunji Amma (Grand Daughter of Kandanat Parvathy Amma who was the grand daughter of the Poopathy Lady. )
Kandanat Narayana Menon & Pandapilly Lekshmi Pillai, Kidangoor, Angamally
Chandrathil N Govindan Nair and Kandanat Saradakutty Amma – 1946, Allahabad

Standing at the back, Kandanat Kumara Menon, holding his son Ramakrishnan (Unni). Sitting on the chair is his mother Kandanat Kutty Amma. Children, left to right are: Balakrishna Menon, Sathyabhama, Sreemathy (on the lap), Vijayalakshmy and Ambujakshy.

Parvathyar Chandrathil Narayana Pillai with grand daugther Kandanat Vijayalakshmy.

Ambujakshy Amma (Ponnu, daughter of Kandanat Kumara Menon) with her husband Puravarikkal Viswanathan Nair.

Kandanat Neelakanta Menon (Caltex, Mumbai) with his wife Saraswathy Amma and with PK Mohan Kumar (Unni, son of Kandanat Parameswara Menon). Seated children are daughter Maya Kishore, Shyamkumar (on the lap), Kumar (Now Swami Sradhamrudananda) and Nandakumar. PK Mohan Kumar had just then started with Taj Hotel at Bombay.

Kandanat Vishalakshy Amma (Daughter of Kandanat Kutty Amma) with her husband Vattolil Kumara Kaimal

Kandanat Kutty Amma, grand daughter of Kandanat Parvathy Amma, who was the daughter of Poopathy Lady and Moozhikkulam Thanthri

Kandanat Bharathi Amma , Saraswathy Amma (wife of Kandanat Neelakata Menon) and Kandanat Saradakutty Amma

Kandanat Bhaskara Menon, son of Kandanat Karthyayani Amma, grand daughter of Parvathy Amma

Kandanat Lakshmy Amma with daughters Sarada Kutty Amma and Bharathi Amma
Kandanat Devaki Amma & Kumara Pilla Vaidyan
Kandanat Madhava Menon
Kanakamani Kunjamma, wife of Kandanat Madhava Menon

Kandanat Chandrasekhara Menon & Chowwara Puravarikkal Kamalamma (Atleast 60 year old wedding photo)
Sitting on the left is Kandanat Parameshwara Menon (chellappa Chettan) and sitting on the extreme right is Rajeswari Amma) .

Standing on left is their daughter GIRIJA   & son MOHANKUMAR PK (UNNI) 

Youngsters Seated left to right  are Girija’s children three sons 

Dr Harikrishnan (.Now in USA,),   Srikant now an Engineer with Nokia and then the youngest Sanjay Kumar, now an oil technologist in Malaysia

Girijas Husband (Missing in this picture)  was Professor Dr K Ramachandran Head of Biochemistry dept Medical Colleges . He holds the record of teaching 50 plus Batches of Medical Students throughout his teaching career

Photo supplied by PK Mohankumar
This photo was  taken in April 1923 during the visit of Diwan Peshkar to Kuttipuzha School (in the background ) . Only  a few of them are identified by the  present day generation. Sitting in the centre is Diwan Peshkar Kandanat Narayana Menon.  Standing to his left close behind him is Chandrathil Narayana Pillai – a close associate and an able ”Parvathyaar” of those period – who married one of Peshkar’s nieces Kandanat Lakshmikutty Amma. Sitting third from left on the ground is Chandrathil Govindan Nair, who married Narayana Pillai’s youngest daughter Kandanat Saradakutty Amma . Govindan Nair was a journalist and has authored many best selling books on Yoga and natural living.  Photo: Courtesy  Vijaya Nair, Sunny Palace, Edappally

 A rare family photo of Diwan Peshkar Narayana Menon, sitting in the centre. The following information  was  supplied by Late  KN Menon ( ex Caltex – Mumbai ) :
Standing Row, second from left: Sahithya Panjananan PK Narayanan PIllai, Third from left Dr. Narayana Menon , 9th from left, Padmanabha Pillai ICS.
Middle Row Sitting: 5th from Left, Meenakshy Amma ( wife of Diwan Peshkar ) , 6th from left, Kunjilakhsmy Amma.
Sitting on the ground, second from left: TN Gopinathan Nair.

Photo : Courtesy Krishnakumar, son of  Kandanat Ramakrishnan, Aluva.

Sitting at the Centre is G Kumaran Nair,  father of Mohan (KSR MENON). Sitting  second from right  is Sivasankara Pillai with his daughter on his lap  and to his left side is his wife Kandanat Lalitha Devi  with their  son Chandran (Balachandra Menon – Film actor-director-producer-singer). Sitting on the left side of the photograph is Indira Devi. Sitting second from left is  KC Saradakutty Amma with  her son KSR Menon on her lap. Standing at the back row are Kamala Devi, Padma Kumari and Chandrika

Photograph supplied by Balachandran Menon

K P Bhaskara Menon (Appuchettan) Chief Electrical Engineer , Cochin Refineries Limited 1964 – 1978 & son of Ayyappamenon Vadakke Kandanat) . The pic here is an old  photograph (approx 60 yrs back) receiving an award from Pandit Jawaharlal Nehruji for his excellence in the field of Engineering. 
Photograph supplied by Devika

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Setting Thankom (left)  Gopalakrishna Menon (Right)
Standing: Ramesh (Left)  Vimala (Centre) Susheela(Right)
Photograph Supplied by Vimala

KC Ammalukutty Amma  (4th Generation)  –  Eldest daughter of Kunjulakshmy Amma (younger sister of Peshkar Ammavan) & Chennakutty Kurup.

Photo supplied by Renu Anil

Balakrishna Menon (7th Generation), who left this world at the age of 26. He was an extra ordinarily brilliant person and was working with Reserve Bank of India at the time of passing. He was eldest son of  Kandanat Kamalakshy Amma (6th Generation)  and Kaitharam Purushothaman Pillai.  Photo supplied by Nandakumar

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K C Damodara Menon  (4th Generation). Son of  Kunjulakshmy Amma (younger sister of Peshkar Ammavan) & Chennakutty Kurup.  – Photo supplied by  KSR Menon. Please read the blog about him by clicking here

Kandanat Kunjilakshmi Amma, younger sister of Peshkar Ammaavan.
Photo supplied by Chandramohan

Chennamkutty Kurup (Munsiff at Haripad) who married Kunjilakshmi Amma
Photo supplied by Chandramohan

Photo Supplied by Renjitha, Information Supplied by Renu Anil
Sitting are  KC Damodara Menon’s parents-in-law, NS Narayan Pillai (Thakkala, Kanyakumari – Deputy Excise Commissioner)  & Gowri Amma. Standing behind is Prabha, who is the sister-in-law of KC Damordara Menon.  Standing on the left is Prabha’s husband.

Kandanat Kuttan Pillai,  younger brother of Peshkar Ammavan, who married Cherupillil Kunjipilla Amma
Photo Supplied by Sathi Mohan

Cherupillil Kunjipilla Amma, wife of Kandanat Kuttan Pilla, younger brother of Peshkar Ammavan
Photograph Supplied by Sathi Mohan

Kamakshy Amma (Alias Baby) – wife of KC Damodara Menon. She used to play Veena very well.
Photograph Supplied by Rejitha

Photograph Supplied by Nandakumar
Kandanat Ayyappa Menon (seated) and Devaki Amma (to his left, standing)
Sanding Behind: KA Madhava Menon  & KP Bhaskara Menon (Seen in another photo, receiving awared from the Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru) .
Standing on the left side of the photo: Sarojani Amma. On the lap: Devayani & Radhamani
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Kandanat Kumara Menon is  Kandanat Kochu kunji Amma’s  ( Pekshar Ammavan’s sister) son.
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Padmanabha Menon (Kunjangini) is the son of Kandanat Kuttan Pillai ( Peshkar Ammavan’s brother) .
Photo Supplied by KSR Menon
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Sreemathy Devi,  Chandrathil Govindan Nair ( was journalist, author and Yoga Acharya) , Nandakumar (on the lap), Kandanat Saradakutty Amma (6th Generation) , Vijayalakshmy
Photo Supplied by Nandakumar

Chandrathil Govindan Nair & Kandanat Saradakutty Amma (6th Generation), soon after their wedding.
Photo taken in Allahabad  in c 1945
Photo Supplied by Nandakumar
An Invitation for the wedding of Kandanat Sreedhara Menon, preserved from 1934. Photo supplied by Vidya Doha
Their Wedding Photo – AD 1934 Photo supplied by Vidya, Doha
Their family photo, taken years later. At the Centre seated is Sreedhara Menon, to his right is wife Lakshmi Bai, with 4 sons – Raveendranatha Menon (Late), Chandrasekhara Menon, Nandan Menon and Raman Menon. Photo supplied by Vidya, Doha
Wedding photo of Kandanat Gopalakrishna Menon and Tankom. Photo Supplied by Vidya, Doha
Late Dr KNN Menon and Sharada MenonDr.Kandanat Narayana Menon and Sharada Menon

Their family:

1) Eldest daughter – settled in Trivandrum- Parvathy Ramachandran (Thankom)has three sons. Her husband Dr KP Ramachandran passed away. Her sons are Narayanan ( Dingu) in Chennai, Venugopal in Ernakulam and Ramesh in USA, California.

2)Next is Balagopal ( Aniyan chettan)- wife Indira, they are settled in Trivandrum, have 4 daughters -Eldest Janaki (Jayamol)is in Mumbai, second daughter Sharada (Noni) is in USA, third daughter Parvathy (Priya) is in Mumbai and youngest Lakshmi (Bubbles) is in USANext

3)Next is Radhakrishnan  (Unni chettan) wife Usha, they are settled at Parakkadavu and all of you must be knowing them, have 2 sons ( one in Mangalore and the other at Nairobi )and a daughter at Aluva

4)Next is Dr.Balakrishnan (Jayakuttan)- wife Jayasree – they are settled in Trivandrum

5)Next is Sreekumar (Sreekuttan) – wife Shailaja – they are settled in Trivandrum, have one son in USA and one daughter in Abu Dhabi

6)Next is Rema Krishnan (Vava) – husband Dr. Krishnan – they are settled in Chennai, have two daughters ( elder in USA and younger in Canada)

Photo supplied by Shailaja Sreekumar