Kandanat Family Trust

A family trust was registered on 6.9.1988 to promote networking within the members and to maintain family ties. The trust also sought to rebuild the family temple and make arrangements for regular pujas, which is now a place of worship for the entire Kurumassery village. It also attracts devotees from far and near. The temple has now been renovated.

The governing body of the Kandanat Family Trust consists of 13 members and a Managing Trustee. Currently, the Trust has more than 200 members. The recent activities of the Trust included rebuilding and renovating the Arakulangara Temple which has now become a landmark in Kurumassery on the main road from Aluva to Parakkadavu / Mala. The well known Moozhikulam Sri LakshmanaTemple is only one kilometer from Arakulangara shrine. Visiting four temples of Sri Rama, Lakshmana, Bharata and Shatrughna the same day is popular with pilgrims who come in large numbers to Kurumassery and Moozhikulam.

Currently,  members of Kandanat family have distinguished themselves in their chosen fields.

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