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Wholesome Ada Dosa

Shobha N Kumar, Dubai

Ada Dosa – An Easy Dish from olden days


Raw Rice – ½ cup

Broken Rice – ½ cup

Urad Dal  – ¼ cup

Toor Dal – ¼ cup

Green Gram Dal – ¼ cup

Chana Dal – ¼ cup

Asafetida Powder – 1 Pinch

Curry leaves  – 4  to 5 springs

Salt – To Taste

Dried Red Chilies – 10 – 15

Coconut Gratings – 1 Cup (optional )

Ginger Piece – 1 ( Optional )


Soak the rice and dal together  for three hours. Grind  all ingredients together coarsely to paste  ( just as thick as Idly dough ) . Immediately dosa can be made ( meaning, there is no need to ferment as we do in the case of regular dosa or Idly ) in a the regular dosa tawa.

Ada Dosa can be had with out any chutney or side dishes. It is excellent to have it with hot tea, on a rainy day.  It makes an excellent for breakfast, fast and easy to prepare..

Mango fruit sauce

S.  Devi, Dubai  



Ripe Mango – 4 numbers
Red Chilly – 4  medium ones
Salt – to taste
Coconut Oil – 1 table spoon


Wash welland gently shave  the skin of the mangofruit. Cut the flesh into small pieces. Put these pieces together with red
chilly and salt in a mixi and  beat well to render them in pulp form.  Transfer them into a bowl. Add coconut oil and mix well. Serve with hot rice, chappathy, poori etc.

Can also use  grinding stone instead of mixi, if you  are the adventurous type.


Butter Chicken:

 Soumya, Muscat



For Marination

1.      Chicken – 800 gms – Cut into small pieces

2.      Thick Curd – 1 cup

3.      Kashmiri Chilly powder – 2 tsp

4.      Ginger Paste – 1 ½ tsp

5.      Garlic paste – ½ tsp

6.      Salt – as required

7.      Lemon Juice – 1 Tbsp

8.      Garam Masala – ½ tsp

For Gravy:

9.      Onion (Medium size) – 1 Cut into big pieces

10.  Tomato (Big Size) – 3 – cut into big pieces

11.  Tomato puree (Optional) – 2 Tbsp

12.  Green Chilly – 3 pcs – Cut into big pieces

13.  Ginger Paste – 1 tsp

14.  Garlic Paste – ½ tsp

15.  Cinnamon – A small piece

16.  Cloves – 4 Nos.

17.  Cardamom – 4 Nos.

18.  Black Peppercorns – 6 Nos.

19.  Cumin Seeds – ½ tsp

20.  Kashmiri Chilly Powder – 1 tsp

21.  Salt – As required

22.  Butter – 3 tbsp

23.  Cream – 3 tbsp

24.  Red food color – few drops

25.  Water – as required


  1. Cut the chicken into small pieces, wash and clean thoroughly
  2. Drain the water completely
  3. Add lemon juice, 1 tsp salt and 1 tsp chilly powder and mix well
  4. Set aside for 30 minutes.
  5. Mix curd with 1 tsp chilly powder.
  6. Add this mixture to the marinated chicken pieces, along with ginger and garlic paste and salt.
  7. Marinate well, and refrigerate overnight. If marinating for more than 12 hrs, keep it in the freezer
  8. Roast these chicken pieces in a preheated oven for 7-10 minutes on a medium temperature or in a tandoor (Optional)
  9. Crush cardamom, cinnamon, peppercorns and cloves and set aside
  10. Grind onion, tomatoes and green chilly well, set aside
  11. Heat 2 tsp of Butter, add cumin seeds and splutter it.
  12. Add the crushed spices to this and fry it.
  13. Add the grinded onion-tomato mixture to this, along with ginger and garlic paste and mix well.
  14. Add required salt, 1 tsp chilly powder along with the cream
  15.  Mix well
  16. Once started boiling, add the marinated, roasted chicken pieces and mix well
  17. Add food color if required
  18. Cook till chicken is soft and tender in low heat
  19. Add 1 tsp of butter and serve hot.


Veda Gopakumar, Chennai



1. Paavakka…………   1/4 kg (cut into medium size)

2. Thoor dhal……….   1/2 cup

3. Tamarind………..    one lemon size (make tamarind water)

4. Turmeric Powder …  Little.

4. Salt …………….  to taste

For fry


1. Thoordhal………..   2 Tablespoons

2.  Dhaniya………….   2 Tablespoons

3.  Red chiili…………   8 nos.

4.  Asafetida………   a pinch

At the outset,  pressure cook Thoor dhal with enough water to  mash well and keep it aside.

Take a kadai add 2 tablespoon  of cooking oil and fry the above mentioned items. Cool it down  and then grind it in a grinder  as a paste,  adding little water from time to time.

Then in the same kadai,  heat 1 teaspoon  oil; add paavakka, enough water to cook and add little turmeric powder. When the paavakka becomes tender add tamarind water and boil it till the raw smell goes. Then add dhal mash, grounded paste and enough water and boil it for two minutes. Now the gravy is ready. Seasoned it with the above mentioned items for

seasoning and serve hot.

While cutting paavakka do not throw the seeds inside. That bitter taste is very good for health.

–          Veda Gopakumar, Chennai.

Neyy Manakkum Kathrikka

(നെയ്‌ മണക്കും കത്രിക്ക ) – A Tamil Dish

 by Vijay Nair, Edappally

1 .  Brinjals ( also known as Egg Plant =  ( വഴുതിനങ്ങ  – Small round variety – not the long regular ones )          1/2  kg

2.      Grated coconut                     1 cup

3.      Coriander  powder               2  table spoon.

4       Red chilly powder                 1 1/2 tea  spoon

5.      Groundnut                            4 table spoon.

6.      Turmeric powder                    1/2 tea spoon

7.      Onion                                    2.

8      Tomato                                   2

9      Green chilly                            3

10     Tamarind                                one  small  lemon size.

11.     Til oil   OR  Ghee                    2 or 3  table  spoon

12.    Coconut oil                            1/4 cup

Fry grated coconut,  coriander ,  ,Chilly  powder  and groundnut .After all the ingredients have  become browned in   colour ,  switch off the  fire. Grind all together without adding water and keep aside. Chop the onions, green chilies and tomatoes very nicely. Mix all these ingredients well  with the ground  masala  and  add til oil ( or ghee, as the name of the dish implies ) , turmeric powder and salt Keep this mixture separately.

Wash and slit  the Brinjals lengthwise without cutting  and separating the pieces totally.  ( All cut pieces are still held together  by the end – much  like a lotus  flower . Now fill the masala  inside the cut Brinjals one by one .

Keep a kadai  on fire,  pour oil and put the Brinjals one by one slowly. Add the rest of the masala on top and cook in slow fire – stir occasionally.  When the Brinjals become soft  pour tamarind juice . Allow  to boil for 5 to 6  minutes  and switch off the fire.      –  Arrange neatly in a white plate and present.

For a healthy Heart and Natural Cholesterol inhibition

 by Dr.KP Suresh Kumar

Click Here to know more about Dr Sureh Kumar

Tips for  a healthy Heart

TAKE HEALTHY FOOD-Plenty of fruits and vegetables. Avoid saturated fats and processed foods. It is advisable to take fruits than fruit juices,because we get plenty of fibres from the whole fruit.Fibres gives protection against peptic ulcer,gastrointestinal cancers and constipation. It reduces blood cholesterol also.

2 .  30 mts of exercise/ day. Always look for an opportunity to walk ( eg- shoppingmalls, Airports , office and residence compounds)

3.   Say no to tobacco.

4. Maintain a healthy weight- Reduce the consumption of sweets and free sugars. Plenty of water. Early dinner.

5.Stress relaxation- Yoga,Meditation, Art of leaving, Spending quality time with family, friends and relatives.

6. Check BP, SURARS, LIPID LEVELS  0nce in an year.

7. people above 40 yrs with a family history of heart disease, should do Treadmill test once in an year.

For a healthy Heart and Natural Cholesterol inhibition


STATINS are the group of drugs that reduce blood cholesterol. However it has to be taken life long, to keep cholesterol under control, and it has some minor adverse effects.

The best option is to control cholesterol by the natural way. The following is a list of natural cholesterol busters.

OATS ,  WALNUTS, ALMONDS. OLIVE AND OLIVE OIL, FLAXSEED POWDER AND OIL , ( Flaxseed  can lower BP also .It can be added to milk, fruit juices, oats, soups etc ) ,  CRANBERRY-GRAPE JUICE ( Excellent antioxidant also.), FISH AND FISH OIL. BLACKSOYBEANS. POMEGRANATE JUICE. YOGURT.

Kidangoor Kaalan    ( കിടങ്ങൂര്‍ കാളന്‍ )

 by Shobha N Kumar

Shobha N Kumar

When  I got married and became part of Kanandanat Family,  I realized Kidangoor Kaalan was a celebrity in  my  husband’s home. I learnt the recipe  from my mother in law , who used to make this dish exceedingly well. ( Just as she makes any other dish )  . This is how she used to make it :


1.ചേന ( Yam )    – 1/ 4 Kg
2.പഴുത്തു തുടങ്ങിയ ഏത്തക്കായ (  Gently ripe raw  Banana )  – 1 medium sized
3.കൊല്ലമുളക്‌ ( dry red chilli )  – 2 – 3 ( according to tolerance )
4.തേങ്ങ ചുരണ്ടിയത്  ( Coconut grated  ) – ½ portion
5.പച്ചമുളക് ( Green Chilli ) –  1 or 2
6.കറിവേപ്പില ( Curry leaves ) –  1 or 2 twiglets
7.ഉലുവ പൊടിച്ചത് (fenugreek powder ) – 1/8th  of a teaspoon
8.ശര്കര ( Jaggery ) –  50 – 100 grams
9.കടുക് ( Mustard ) – 1 teaspoon
10.വെളിച്ചെണ്ണ ( Coconut oil ) – 1 Table spoon
11. Salt ( To taste )

Cut the yam into cubes. Slit the banana into  two halves and cut into small but thick  pieces  like how we slice it  for jaggery-chips.  Green chilli is to be slit into two or three long pieces.  Fry pepper and red chilli  and grind them  to  a fine paste.  Cook the yam and banana pieces with this paste . Add salt and turmeric. Towards the end add jaggery,  butter milk,  curry leaves, sliced green chilli. Continue boiling till the  gravy becomes thicker . Add ground coconut and boil   for 2 -3 minutes more. Sprinkle fenugreek powder. Season with mustard , red chilli and curry leaves.

The name of this dish is derived from a place near Kottayam, where it is a specialty.

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