Hanish Menon

This page introduces the entrepreneurs in Kandanat Family as well as in its associate families, in alphabetical order. The objective of this page is to support the family entrepreneurship by facilitating the networking opportunities. Family members are requested to share information on their initiatives here and use this space to further the cause of their initiatives. Kandanat Family and all their associate families wish the best to all our entrepreneurs.

Organizations name   Mythopoeia, SysRTM 
Year Established 2014, 2012    
Address & Contact Numbers Mythopoeia is based out of Dublin/Ireland with design center in Bengaluru/India. SysRTM is in India. Contact: info@mythopoeia.ie, hanishkvc @ gmail.com
Entrepreneur  C Hanish Menon (7 th Genernation on Lakshmy Amma Branch) – Dividing time between Bengaluru and Ireland, operating from Bangalore
Activities Mythopoeia provides aircraft cabin solutions such as Inflight Entertainment systems, PSS solutions (attendant call, reading lights), Cabin Power (for seats & USB charging). Mythopoeia’s inflight entertainment system is a full end-to-end solution including Hollywood studios & Record labels approved DRM, aircraft interfacing servers, wired or wireless backbone in aircraft, seat arm/back players & bulk head monitors, cabin control panels, streaming to passenger devices, 3d moving map etc.
All the devices (except for aircraft servers, wireless access points, seat power) are designed and manufactured in India by Mythopoeia. So also the software which goes into them (including for aircraft servers).   Apart from aircraft products & solutions, SysRTM/MHL has also designed products around interesting ideas like Portable UV Baby Bottle steriliser, Secure Wireless Sleep Monitoring device (helps monitor for sleep apnea), Home Automation Product (monitor & control peripherals, track & report power consumption),
Website https://www.mythopoeia.ie/       http://www.sysrtm.com/