Photo # 100


I am sreedevi grand daughter of  satgyabhama amma ..Now staying in Bahrain with husband is Binoy. We have two  children Sagar and Vrinda….nice to meet u all…

Photo # 101


Bhagat (in red jersey) playing for the National School League, in photos 102 and 102. Bhagat is son of

K. Venugopal and Rekha Venugopal (daughter of Vasanthi Devanath and late Sri P.R. Devanathan Nair)

Photo # 102


Photo # 103


Padmini chechy (Madhavi Mandiram, now Gokul) and Thankom chechy, Puthen Madom

Photo # 104


Late Gopalakrishna Menon, Madom, Moozhikulam who took the initiative first to renovate our temple.

Photo # 105


Thamkom Ammayi, wife of late Gopalakrishna Menon. Mother of MG Ramesh, Vimala chechy and Susheela. (Kannathodath family)

Photo # 106


Manoj Kumar with mother Chandrika Pathiyal, Ontario, Canada. (Originally Kandanat Lekshmi Mandir, Kurumassery, opp. Temple)

Photo # 107


Chandrika with Renee (from Delhi, Rajasthan) wife of Manoj.

Photo # 108


Chandrika with Nikki, Manoj’s daughter.

Photo # 109


പെരിയാറിലൂടെ  ഒരു തോണി യാത്ര ! കെ. എസ്.ആര്‍. മേനോന്‍

Photo # 112


Sreekumar (Bangalore), wife Rashmi (Kottayam), Gayatri and Siddharth

Photo # 113


Dr Lathika Sukumaran (Beena) daughter of Devikkuty (Lekshmi Mandiram, Kuruma) and daughter Dr Akhila, now studying for MD. Beena runs Mother and Child hospital in Kurumppampady, Perumbavoor along with her husband Dr Sukumaran.

Photo # 114


Dr Sukumaran with Akhila.

Photo # 115


Akhila with Mini wife of her uncle Anil

Photo # 117


Chandrika, Dr Lathika, (Behind) Geetha (daughter of late Indira Devi), Lekshmi Mandir), Mini, wife of Hari Kumar (son of late Thankamani, Lekshmi Mandir)

Photo # 118


Late Sekharan Nair husband of Devikkutty with actor director Balachandra Menon son of late Lalithakkuty, Lekshmi Mandir.

Photo # 119


Sreedath, wife Bindu (grand daughter of late Kandanat Sathyabhama Amma, Tiruvalla) their daughter with Drs Sukumaran and Lathika.

Photo # 120


Photo 121


Photo # 122


Photo # 123


Photo # 124


Sitting (from L-R) Jyothilekshmy., Thankamma (Jyothi’s Mother),  Bhanumathy Amma (heman (BABU)’s Mother) and Shobha Nandakumar
Standing (l-R)  Hemachandran Koopat (BABU), Krishnaprasad (Heman’s second son), Nandakumar
The foto was taken when Heman & Fly visited Nandakumar &  Shobha in Dubai

Photo # 125


From left to Right
Kandanat S Sreemathy Devi (Vengoor Angamally), 
with her younger brother 
Kandanat G Nandakumar & his wife Shobha Nandakumar (Dubai). 
Sreemathy & Nandakumar are the  second and third children 
of Late Kandanat Sarada Kutty Amma & 
Yogacharya Late Govindan Nair (Ex-PTI) . 

Sreemathy is a teacher by profession and retired 
as the  Principal of 
Amritha Vidyalaya, Perumbavoor. She has one son 
(Shyamkumar, married to Sabitha. 
They have one daughter Sanjana. 
They live in Sydney. Shyam is an Actuarian and Sabitha is a teacher   and they 
have  one daughter)    
(Vrinda, married to Manoj Nair. 
They have two daughters, Parthvi & Thanvi. 
They live in Bahrain). Manoj is an IT professional 
and Vrinda is a teacher. 
Photos will be uploaded shortly.

Nandakumar is an entrepreneur 
and member of Senior Management Team. 
Shobha is a lecturer / teacher by profession.

Photo # 126


Varun Nanda Kumar,  Adelaide, Australia. He is a Manager in hospitality industry.

(Son of Kandanat G Nandakumar & Shobha Nandakumar)

Photo # 126


Sitting from Left to Right:  Leela Manon (Sajeev Menon’s  Mother), Vijayalakshmi (Kandanat – Eldest daughter of Kandanat Sarada Kutty Amma & Yogacharya Govidand Nair), Dia (Sharat & Anju’s daughter), PKS Nair (Vijayalakshmi’s husband –  Retired G.M – TIL Limited, New Delhi.)

Standing Left to Right: Sajeev Menon , Shreya (Gopika & Sajeev Menon’s daughter), Anju (Sharat’s wife), Gopika Menon ( Vijayalakshmi & PKS Nair’s daughter), Sharat Kumar (Vijayalakshmi & PKS Nair’s son) and Avi Menon (Gopika & Sajeev Menon’s son)

Gopika & Sajeev Menon are  in Toronto, Canada. Gopika runs a school for Autistic Children ( “Turning Point” – ). Sajeev is a Chartered Accountant.

Sharat (alias Manu) & Anju are  in New Jersey, USA. Both Shart & Anju  are IT professionals. 

Photo # 127


PKS Nair & Vijayalekshmi during their visit to UAE. Seen in the photo with Radhika, Mohanan (KSR Menon). Standing behind are Niranjana, Sandhya (“Sandhya Speaking”) and Jayan.  Sandhya and Jayan have settled in Ernakulam after living in Sharjah for a  long time. Niranjana is  studying for B.Arch at Manipal. 

Photo # 128


Notes: These photos  are taken in 1944, 1955 and 2001 respectively.  Our father was a professional journalist and retired as Chief of Press Trust of India’s Kottayam Bureau. He has written several books on Yoga and Natural living and passed away in 2001, at the age of 93. How is our mother connected in Kandanat family?  It is like this!

Saradakutty Amma (our mother in the above photograph) -> Lekshmykutty Amma -> Kunji Amma -> Parvathy Amma -> Lakshmy Amma   -> Poovathy Puthiyidam Lady married to Moozhikkulam Thanthri (1780) 

Photo # 129


A self introduction !!!
I am Radhakrishnan, (extreme right) now residing at Perumbavoor, s/o Visalakshi Amma, Vadakke Kandanattu. This PIC was taken at the time of the marriage of my son Sreejith on 2014 January (They were present for the family get-together on 14 January 2014). My wife Omana, working in
BSNL, Perumbavoor, daughter Suchithra , who is an architect at Bangalore and residing with her husband Brite (an IT professional). They are blessed with two kids. Sreejith is Mech Engr at Pune. I am enjoying my retired life. I have a Sister, Sulochana and her daughter is Dr Sandhya( YouTube “Sandhya speaking”). Hope we all will have a get together soon !!!!!

Photo # 129


Vidya Menon (center) with father Chandrasekhara Menon (x-Tax Dept) (TVM) and Attukal Lekshmi Bai who is a lawyer.

Photo # 130


Photo # 131


Photo # 132


Photo # 133


By way of a quick intro, I am  Krishna Pathiyal. I’m the eldest son of Chandrika Pathiyal and the late Vasudevan Pathiyal. Attached is a picture of my wife, Shilaja, and two sons – Milind (16) and Hrishi (9). We are based in San Jose, California. Picture Nos 131 and 132 are the pictures taken on the occasion of Ammavan and Ammayi’s  visit to our place this year – well timed with our Onam festivities.

Photo # 134


Photo # 135


Photo # 136


Photo # 137


Krishna Kumar ( husband of Rashmi Kumar) with daughter Shivangi. Rashimi is daughter of Vasanthi Devanath and late Sri P.R. Devanathan Nair

Photo # 138


Rashmi Kumar, sister of Rekha & Rajni with Vasanthi Devanath, w/o late Sri P.R. Devanathan Nair during her recent visit to Nairobi.

Photo # 139


Photo # 140


Photo # 141


Usha daughter of Thankamony (Lekshmi Mandiram ) and husband Balagopal, Mumbai

Photo # 145


“Sreedevi Chechi, Maniyammoomma, Thankammoomma, Amma and myself” 

Photo and Captions supplied by Arjun Menon

Photo # 146

1 Rekha

Vasanthi Devanath, w/o late Sri P.R. Devanathan Nair (Madhavi Mandiram, now residing at Vasantham, Thirumala, Trivandrum with her daughters Rekha, Rashmi, Rajni and son-in-laws Venugopal, Krishna Kumar and Magi Menon along with grand children Bharat, Bhagat, Darshana and Shivangi during their desert safari in UAE

Photo # 147

2 Rekha

K. Venugopal and Rekha Venugopal (daughter of Vasanthi Devanath and late Sri P.R. Devanathan Nair) with sons Bharat and Bhagat.

Photo # 148

3 Rekha

Bharat  & Bhagat.

Photo # 149

4 Rekha

Bharat in his guitar performance at TKM Engineering College, Kollam and as a winner in UAE open drawing (pencil shading) competition.

Photo # 150

5 Rekha

Grand children of Vasanthi Devanath and late Sri P.R. Devanathan Nair during their get together at Thekkady wild sanctuary.