Associated Families

Almost all Nairs had followed joint family system which led to the formation of Tharavadu or an extended family. A Tharavadu is an extended family often with a fresh water pond, a sarpa kavu, and were associated with a temple whose deity will be their paradavatha. Kandanat is one such tharavadu, which owes its expansion in the current form to Diwan Peshkar Kandanat Narayana Menon who was a pillar of strength to the whole family. He also built and donated a school on a request from Mannath Padmanabhan. It is currently the NSS High School, Parakkadavu. In due
course by way of marriage, Kandanat family got linked with most prominent families of Kerala from North to South. Because of Tharavadu system and interlinking of marriage, most if not all Nair are related to one another even if distantly. So It is important to mention all the families who are related to us in one or the other. Their names are given here in the segment Associate Families.

Family Name (Alphabetical Order) & Place
1 Chandratthil, Kuttippuzha
2 Korathat, Tripunithura
3 Kurungattil, Kuttippuzha                                                         4. Kuruppamparmabath, Aluva
5 Manaththanathu, Kozhikkode
6 Pathiyal, Palakkad
7 Poovallil, Kodanad
8 Puthezhathu, Aluva
9 Puzhuppillil, Edappally
9 Rosscote, Thiruvananthapuram
10 Sreekandath, Ernakulam
11 Tharamel, Ezhikkara (Paravoor)
12 Thirukkottu, Thiruvananthapuram

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