The Family Legend

During the attack of Kerala by Tippu Sultan, a family from Poopathy near Aluva had to run away for safety. But the head of the family did not want to flee and stayed put there. He kept all his money in a well and though he lost everything to the marauding forces, the money came handy. He was forced to go away from his home and on the way in Kurumassery he happened to meet one of his nieces. He decided to build a small house at the place where he met her and that gave his family the new name Kandanat (nowhere land).Some years later one of the family members went to the nearby land to cut grass for cattle. Legend has it that as she tried to sharpen the sickle on a rock, blood oozed out of the stone. Astonished, the family members brought a priest from the nearby Moozhikulam temple to look into the mystery. He found during his astrological calculations that the stone was no ordinary rock and had divine presence of Siva and Parvati. That deity later came to be known as Arakulangara Bhagawathi. The idol at the temple is believed to be “swayambhoo”, meaning it was not installed by anyone and had surfaced at the site by itself.The priest later married a girl from Kandanat family and he has been installed outside the temple as Brahmarakshassu. A little away from that is Kandakaran which is deity of cattle. Here the offering is toddy and fried rice powder.Arakulangara deity is Vana Durga with Siva on the right and Bhadra Kaali on the left. On the right side of the temple (when facing the sanctum sanctorum), is a deity called ‘Rakteswari’ (Goddess of Blood).On the first day of the month of  Makaram in Malayalam calendar, the annual festival is held. It is called Kalamezhuthum Pattum as it involves drawing of Devi’s image with an assortment of colourful powders accompanied by songs and drums. All family members try their best to be present on the occasion and contribute to the festival.

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