Kandanat – The Virtual Home

The Kandanat family is one of the oldest and well known Nair families of Kerala. The roots of the family are in Kurumassery, a village near Aluva. The family has its origin in the later part of the 18th century. The youngest members of the family today form the 9th generation. Kandanat family has given birth to and has had associations with very eminent people like Dewan Peshkar K Narayana Menon, Sahithya Panchanan PK Narayana Pillai et al.  That tradition of excellence still continues in the family  even today. Several Kandanat family members have carved out their niche in their chosen fields such as Healthcare, Engineering, Education, Literature, Spirituality,  Dance, Drama, Music, Journalism, Films, Business, so on and so forth.   Now its family members are scattered all over India and the world. Arakulangara Bhagavathi is the family deity and the temple is termed Arakulangara as it has a pond which is half the regular size.

Over the years, the family grew and with that, the contact among members diminished. This web site as well as the Kandanat Family tree are part of an earnest attempt to bring the family members to remain in overall contact . The family tree goes back to late 18th century and spanning 9 generations today.